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Face Lifting By Exercise Author: Senta Maria Runge

European born, Senta Maria Rungé is the originator of facial exercises and has devoted almost three decades to the development of her method FACE LIFTING BY EXERCISE as it is today.

The author made the American people contour conscious when Vogue Magazine introduced her method through a four and a half page article. Shortly after the introduction, she demonstrated through her daily half-hour syndicated television program the effectiveness of her method live on camera. (show is no longer aired). Her beautiful salon in Hollywood was visited by the most famous personalities of the motion picture industry.

In spite of many books available today on facial exercises offered by those who were trying to 'jump on the bandwagon', Senta Maria Rungé says "FACE LIFTING BY EXERCISE is still the ONLY method in the world by which one can lift the face naturally and restore a youthful contour. This is possible only because of my scientific principle of muscle shortening through isometric exercises."

Senta Maria Rungé retired in 1989. Her daughter Christine Runge is now holding the copyright to the book.

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