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Considering a facelift?

Women and men have been choosing to have a facelift for many years, but more recently interest in a facelift, has increased partially due to television shows relating to makeovers. 

Who gets a facelift?

Even individuals normally afraid of invasive surgery will consider a surgical facelift not knowing that certain facial exercises will give a better and healthier facelift. For many people, having a facelift is a way to feel better about themselves. It should be understood, however, that a surgical facelift can never restore the tone to either the skin or the muscles, but proper exercise can. 

Facelift information

People seem to run for a surgical facelift when they see what appears as flabby loose skin on face and throat areas that are really evidences of elongated facial muscles that have lost their elasticity and the facelift can be accomplished non-surgically through exercises. Flabby and droopy flesh make many people want a surgical facelift, not knowing that this flabbiness is caused by muscles which have been ignored, and that these muscles can be tightened up through proper exercises for a natural facelift as demonstrated in the book face lifting by exercise.

No plastic surgeonís surgical facelift procedure and, in fact, nothing but proper facelift exercises can tighten up unelastic muscles.

Can I have a non surgical facelift?

You can always opt for a natural nonsurgical facelift. It is never too late or are you ever too old for a facelift performed through proper facial exercises.


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