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Facial exercises If you are like millions of others, chances are you wish you could tighten up your face and neck by facial exercises without having to undergo the knife or investing in expensive products.

Will facial exercises really work?

Absolutely, proper facial exercises have been proven to work! The facial muscles, like muscles everywhere on our bodily structure, need facial exercises to maintain their firmness and tone.  The facial exercises in the book face lifting by exercise are designed to firm and to shorten elongated facial muscles, thus, literally lifting the face, by facial exercises.

Where can I find techniques for facial exercises?

In the book face lifting by exercise, you will find complete detailed facial exercises and related information, i.e. 
  • facial exercises with complete instructions
  • facial exercises and throat exercises with pictures
  • facial exercises before and after
  • facial exercises resulting testimonials 
You will be amazed at the number of facial exercises profound results because of the number of people reporting on facial exercises improving their appearance.  You, too, through proper facial exercises will notice a remarkable difference. 

Why do facial exercises work?

The face’s contour is determined by the condition of the muscles beneath the skin, requiring facial exercises to perform the function of holding the shape of its flesh.  Since the cause of contour decline is muscle elongation, facial exercises can remedy this by shortening the responsible muscle group.  By correctly performing the facial exercises in face lifting by exercise not only will your face appear healthier and younger, but will help you boost your self-image, all through facial exercises.

With facial exercises not only will you appear healthier and younger, but they will help you boost your self-image, all through facial exercises.


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