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...Thanks to you, I have almost completely reconstructed my face as it was 20 years ago . How wonderful to have back the face I thought I had lost forever!

- C.A.; Hollywood, CA

...I'm ordering your book "Face Lifting By Exercise" for a young lady who has facial paralysis and whose doctor suggested she read it. Therefore, we would greatly appreciate your rushing it to us.

- S.T.; Tyler, TX

...What a wonderful book it is. My face looks so much younger, and it's such a joy to know one can do something about getting older...and look younger.

- D.F.; Lancashire, England

...I just passed my 42nd birthday and people tell me that I look like I am about 26... thanks to you.

- Mrs. L.K.; Ventura, CA

...I do want to tell you again about the change that came into my life when my face returned to all its youthful contour. Of course, we all want to look our best, but when you please your husband so much that he raves and raves about the change in your face and throat - and what it does to your over-all appearance - then that it happiness!! I am 66 years old, and I am told over and over that I look 45. In fact, I have been guessed less than that!

- R.R.; Calabasas, CA

...Your book was suggested by my surgeon following facial/maxilla/mandible reconstruction.

- J.M.M.; LA

...I recently ordered your book as a gift for my mother. Stated simply, she now looks 15 years younger! Please send me a copy as soon as possible; all I can say is "I'm anxious to begin!"

- D.A.; Los Angeles, CA

...I met a woman a month ago who had the most beautiful face. She looked about 25 or 26. She told us she was 46 years old. She also told us about your method.

S.H.; North Hollywood, CA

...You are solving my problem! I have been 25 pounds overweight for several years. I am now 40, plus a few, years old. I have been so discouraged by my "droopy puss" that I would toss my diet out of the window preferring a plump face and tummy. I started dieting 2 weeks ago, inspired by your specialized exercises - and I am thrilled to say that I have lost my first five pounds and my face has better tone than before. My doctor will love you.

A.W.; Sepulveda, CA

...I have only been with your television program a short while, and the improvement in my face is almost unbelievable. Thanks for giving me a complete new lease on life, for I had given up hope until I found you!

- Mrs. C.R.B.; Covina, CA

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